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     Welcome! Calling all weirdos, misfits, witches, queers, queens, stoners, moms, dads, cat lovers or anyone with an open mind. Here you will find links to my books, T-shirt designs and Tarot cards. I am all about laughter and creativity. My T-shirt line is called Liquid Candy Designs.  My novels are both spiritual and supernatural sprinkled with my trademark humor.

     My kid's books encourage literacy and compassion. My T-shirts are a fun way for you to express yourself! Click on the links below to see if there is anything you like. Check back often as I am always uploading new designs. I am an upholsterer by day and love finding discarded pieces and bringing them back to life. Below is a video of some of my work. I am also a psychic and do spirit animal readings.

     I have designed my own animal cards. Below you will find a link to the companion book, Animal Nature, an introduction to your animal guides. Stay tuned because I will be uploading videos of me teaching how to read my Animal Spirit Cards soon! 

Some of my Upholstery

Video Trailer: a cat named tweet

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A Cat Named Tweet

This is the first adventure of Tweet, the bored house cat, who becomes aware of the homeless kitties living behind his house.

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