If you found this page it is because destiny has led you here for this simple message. We have complete control over our day. COMPLETE control. Being happy is as easy as one, two, three. Try it and you'll see. Action. Verbal.  Mindfulness. ACTION can immediately take you out of a bad mood and/or release you from the prison of negative thoughts. Sing loud, kiss your pet, dance with your kids. Let someone in front of you at the store. Smile at a stranger. VERBAL: Tell someone you love them. Praise a co-worker. Tell yourself you are worthy. MINDFULNESS only takes a second. If you are stressed or worried, stop for a moment to breathe and look at what is around you. Take in the beauty. Focus on what gives you pleasure. YOU deserve to live your best life. Slow down. Find your peace.  If you have a cat, hold them in your lap. A cat's purr contains a healing frequency. Cuddle a cat and let the healing magic happen.

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