I was serious when I said I'm here to give you hope. This site isn't about trying to hook you in with promises of enlightenment and then asking you for money. I am simply sharing my little corner of the web that holds my special things. It contains my books and T-shirt designs, my upholstery work (the day job I love!) and the greatest  thing I have to offer...my spiritual gift.  

     I am a natural born psychic (we all are) however I do believe that childhood trauma somehow heightened mine. My personal history is the fuel and motivation I use to help others find peace, self-acceptance and yes, hope. 

     I don't know everything. No psychic does. We don't always connect with energy and I will be the first to admit that. It has never happened to me, but my sister, who is a gifted Medium, has had to end sessions and give a refund. That's the ethical thing to do. Energy is reciprocal. I can't read you if you're not open energetically. I have techniques I use in my face to face sessions that are tried and true.

     And, yeah, if I am truly psychic why don't I have the winning lottery numbers? I very recently asked Our Creator this very question. Why, why why am I living in a state of financial humility???  I thought there would be no good answer. But there was. What I heard was this...BECAUSE YOU HAVE ENOUGH AND YOU DO BETTER WORK FROM HERE.  Wow! I was shocked at the response because it made so much sense to me and for the person I am. I guess I am a humble servant to the Creator. Not a bad gig. I'll take it. So I practice.

     My favorite modality is totem animals. I have found that working with animal energy gives my clients an immediate action to their situation at hand. Who wouldn't want a powerful or playful animal ally at their command?

     So if you clicked on this site and are still reading this, then consider it Divine and a fun twist of Fate!  Check out the rest of my site and see what I have to offer. I promise you will not leave empty handed.  In the contact section,  if it pleases you, you may choose a number from 1 to 53 and I will send you a personal message from the spirit animal you have chosen. Enjoy my site and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Author, Artist,  Spiritual Counselor, LMT 86695