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Mayhem the Glaring Queen

Follow this (almost famous) cool cat for Comic Relief

Have you met Mayhem? She's the high-brow kitty with low-brow humor. She's the uppity cat who uses old world slang to hilariously insult her human, Stacey. She thinks we need to learn funny new words, and why not get a little smarter? She also teaches some interesting cat facts. She has her own book and is featured on TicTok. Follow Mayhem for your daily giggle. Grab some Mayhem merch to show her some love.
Adults only because Mayhem is a bad girl!

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Be silly and have fun!


Mayhem the Glaring Queen, the "almost famous" internet cat, emoji shirt.

Mayhem's glaring (group of cats)

Coffee, cats and gossip...a great way to start your day...Mayhem style.

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